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What is art?

by Mark Pflughoeft

Art is a process that is so personal that it becomes original.
Art is adventure, freedom and wonder.
Art is self-discovery.
Art is never right or wrong, though sometimes good and sometimes bad.
Art is disclosure.
Art embraces whim.
Art speaks before the artist knows what is being said.
Art is constant expansion and evolution.
Art clarifies itself as the artist clarifies his or her own story.
Art is a direct route, process or path that meanders a bit.
Art is directed or at least overseen by ones personal conscious evolution.
Art always says, “Yes”.
Art is emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual.
Art is personal.
Art comes when the artist is floating down stream.
Art comes from ones ability to visualize.
Art is a mirror.
Art is for people who search their souls and desire to know themselves.
Art is for people who desire to express their findings.
Art is for people that feel that recording their every experience is vital to the world.
Art is usually about an almost conscious thought.
Art can paint or sculpt an artist naked.
Art is a very bizarre place to hide.
Art often expresses the resolution of past pain.
Art takes courage.
Art is for everyone who chooses it.
Art speaks loudest when there are no words to express it.
Art simplifies.
Art gives us a glimpse into our next level of consciousness.
Art is driven by the heart and not by the market place.
Art is always about clarity, no matter how abstract it may become.
Art is the great purifier.
Art comes when the artist steps out of his or her own (or old) way.
Art is the soul’s outlet.
Art chooses the artist. Artists have no choice in making art.
Art elicits ones still, small voice within.
Art is reached when a state of self-satisfaction is realized.